Who we are:

Miky - Stefano

Stefano Corvisiero, born in Stresa and grown up on Isola Bella, has been an enthusiast of fotography, due to his father Caetano Corvisiero.

This and other passions were spread to his wife Michaela Corvisiero, born in Munich.

And like on other round-the-world trips they made – and will make – they made a find, and succeeded quite a few snapshots.

Another passion they share is to climb up mountains. Their aim is indeed, to scale all four-thousander in the alps.

If you would like to become aquainted with another interest of the both, then visit the bar of the family Corvisiero. The Café Lago (www.caffelago.com) which is also on Isola Bella is a kind of Hard-Rock-Café with the unique difference, that the guitar collection, the golden and platin discs, and the original posters which hang on the wall, were created and bought by Stefano – later also by Miky – during a time of 30 years.

Since March 2012 Miky has fulfilled her own dream – to open a new store. It is actually more than an art studio – her idea is not to let her fotographs olden on the harddisc of her computer, but to share the art with others.

She made a big investment and bought a professional printer – an Epson Stylus Pro 7900 with 11+ colors.

Digigraphy is used and it is printed in Fine-Art, in order to guaranty long-lasting high quality, not only at her own work, but also at the ones of other artists.

So come to “our” island, to spend a wonderful day, visit the palace with its botanic garden, you could go for a meal to Café Lago, onto the terrace with view to the lake; on the side you can go into the new store of Miky -“ALPMOUNT” - and find a souvenir which you can take home and which won’t let you forget the magic of this places.

Lots of love from Isola Bella!
We’re waiting for you

Michaela (Miky)

Miky - Stefano